Floor Tiling, Congleton

A complex alteration job, but we were more than happy to take it on

Floor Tiling

A complex alteration job in Congleton, but we were more than happy to take it on



This was quite a complex job which required a number of pieces of technical work but we were more than happy to take it on and fix the problem for our client.

They required a new tiled floor in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room in the bungalow they had recently purchased for retirement but the job had been made harder because of previous work.

A builder had fitted a new kitchen and bathroom without tiling the floors. This meant it would be a tricky process but we took the job on regardless.

After arranging collection for tiles and materials on behalf of the client we started preparing the floors by coating them in a bonding agent which helps the adhesive adhere better to the floor.      

We also had to put a backer board down for laying tiles as the previous floor had been fixed down with bitumen – you can’t lay tiles on this.

On top of this we had to fit new back and internal doors as the previous builder hadn’t allowed tolerance for tiled floors. Fortunately we have great experience and skill in sorting such issues and were able to resolve the problem in a timely and effective manner.

There was also an issue with the bathroom floor that we had to correct. It wasn’t even at all so we had to apply a self -levelling compound and manage the application of adhesive to ensure a smooth and even finish.

As the above shows we are capable of resolving complex building issues within your home and this job was all completed within the timeframe set by client.

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